Attempts at Infared Trichromes

Silly tree is secretly orange

Over the summer I tried taking some infared trichromes. It went okay.

A trichrome is a color photo made of three black and white photos, one with a red filter, one with a green filter, and one with a blue filter. In this case I was using an infared filter instead of a red filter.

Landscape of plains. The grass and trees are dark red.

This is the first one I took. I think it looks okay but not great. I would have liked more detail in the trees. The sky looks crazy though.

Landscape of a river surrounded by trees. There is a wooden bridge going across it. The trees and foliage are orange.

This one is the best one because its the only one with a properly exposed infared channel. The rest of them were very blown out.

Photo of a person sitting on a bench looking over a river. There are splotches of color on the person and surrounding foliage.

This one is also really good. I love the way the rainbowy colors are on the tree and the person (my father).

Photo of a river with bright moss floating in it. The moss changes color throughout.

I dont like this one as much. The colors hurt my eyes.

Photo of a tree up close. There are rainbow splotches everywhere.

With this one I decided to experiment with shadows. It looks pretty cool. The image is still a little bright though.

Photo of an island across a river. The river and foliage on the island is orange.

This one also hurts my eyes to look at. Its just so bright.


I think these photos turned out good considering they were my first attempts at this. I have more photos I never got around to processing. If I want to go further with this I will have to get better with exposing the infared channel as they were all very blown out.

Until next time~