Magical Realism

I still dont know what that means

These images are from a school project with the theme "magical realism". I shot all of these on 35mm film and printed them in my school's darkroom. I scanned these images between grading the scans are very dusty. I swear the original prints are not this dusty. Anyways here they are.

Black and white of a person playing piano with fire coming out of a candle holder on top. "Fire Piano"

This is one of my favorite prints I've made. The borders started with me not wanting the fire to clip into the frame, which would require a slightly larger negative carrier than what I had. I wanted to ask my teacher for the bigger carrier, but she was gone that day, so instead I looked through a box of carriers made of cardboard sitting in the classroom and I found the one used here. I figured I could just crop the borders off, but in the darkroom I realized I wouldn't be able to so I decided to show all the borders. This is the result. My teacher was very excited when she came back and saw this print. I nicknamed the carrier "jade" (from the piece of tape on it) and returned to it a few more times. This is also the only print in the series with a name because I submitted it for the school's art gallery.

Black and white photo of a dragon and a phoenix statue floating in water. The reflections perfectly mirror the dragon. It is night

I love the reflection in this print, it was sort of difficult to tell which way was up at times.

Black and white photo of neon light shapes in front of a cityscape.

This one was a happy accident, I realize most of my photos are.

Black and white photo of light up circles in front of a triangle shaped hallway.
Black and white photo of an archway only visible through the trees (double exposure).

This one confuses people. I don't blame them.