Paradise Lost?

Random polariods I found

Every now and then I go back and scan my polariods. These particular polariods are from before I took my first film photography class. Most of these were taken in Hawaii in 2022, just before my house flooded so I thought the name paradise lost could be good for the series.

Landscape of a beach during the day. A chair and table are off to the right.
This one is nice. Really gives beach vibes.
Polariod of a cat sleeping on a blue and white patterned couch.
I really like this one. He just looks so cozy.
Self portrait taken from above. A plush is falling onto my face.
Photo of a white messy bed with light coming from the curtains.
Polariod of a cockatiel on top of a polariod camera
Polariod of white villas. The color is mildly pink.
I like how soft this one feels.
Polariod of the beach during sunset. there are trees and houses in the background.